Hay and Haylage Sales

We produce good quality meadow and seed hay for horses. Meadow Hay consists of smooth meadow grass, meadow foxtail, meadow fescue, timothy and perennial ryegrass.  Soft and Palatable!  We produce these in conventional size bales.

Seed Hay consists of Italian and perennial ryegrass mix, high in nutrients and is highly recommended for hay and haylage!  We produce Haylage in large wrapped bales and seed hay as conventional bales and large wrapped bales.

We do not treat our hayage with any chemicals and prefer to make a drier haylage which lasts longer.

Our conventional bales are very competitively priced at £4.50 a bale, large 4 stringed wrapped bales are £45.00 a bale and large 4 stringed haylage bales are £45.00 a bale.  Local delivery if required.