We offer a range of paddock maintenance and haymaking services.

Paddock Maintenance

Correctly maintaining your paddocks can significantly increase the quantity and quality of grazing for your horse. 

We provide most paddock maintenance needs thoughout the year including:

Early spring – harrowing, aerating and rolling to promote healthy grass growth and level poached areas.

Late spring and early summer – weed control and topping to encourage new leaf growth and density. Fertliser speading and grass slitting for compacted or waterlogged fields which, encourages the roots to spread often reducing the need for fertiliser.

Grass subsoiling used on older grass leys with added slitting may increase grass yeild.

Late summer and early autumn – harrowing and overseeding poached paddocks to give them new life and fresh grass. Grass looses most nutrients after 5 years so this is the best way to rejuvinate fields without having a full re-seed.  Weed control and topping where required.

Whatever your needs please email or telephone for further information or to request a quote.

Hedge Cutting

The landscape value of hedgerows can be maintained and enhanced by good management.

We adhere to DEFRA guidelines and advice which helps to protect habitat and encourage wildlife.

We have a tractor mounted flail hedgecutter to keep those boundaries where they should be and hedges looking neat.

We can arrange tree trimming and removing overhanging branches at very low rates.
Just contact us for more information. 

Fencing service offered for post and rail or wire/stock fencing.

Dung/muck away and/or spreading services.